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"Coaches help their clients improve lives, relationships and business performance.  They make a real and measurable difference in people's lives." - ICF

Shelley is certified in life coaching through Compass Coaching in 2012, which was accredited through the International Coaches Federation.  She also bring decades of experience in business, technology and personal development.  

Business Coaching

Working with individuals and businesses as they grow and develop professionally. Together we will clarify your vision and values, align with your business proposition all while navigating relationships and dynamics.  Shelley works with financial, technology, social justice, social safety and harm reduction industries.  We can work together to develop business plans, strategies and investment readiness.#alignment

Personal Coaching

Shelley will meet you where you are at and together design an approach to explore desired changes in life, work, relationships, health and well-being and community.  We will look at your personal values and find out what truly matters to you.  Shelley's approach is one of objective openness, kindness and curiosity. #safety

With lived experience dancing with mental health, recovery from severe injury and chronic pain, and the parent of a child with special needs, Shelley brings a unique inside view on thriving while also navigating life challenges.  It is all about #balance


Registered coach with EDP

"Self employment can be a great way for persons with a disability or an ongoing medical condition to achieve economic inclusion.  Self employment is made more manageable through flexible hours, personalized work environments and a sense of control over your future.

 The Community Futures Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) provides assistance to entrepreneurs with disabilities or ongoing health conditions to start or grow their businesses." 


Registered coach with Innoweave.

"In cooperation with our network of coaches, we help community organizations clarify their outcomes and obtain the support they need to become capable of achieving those outcomes."

Coaching Streams:
Collective Impact, Constructive Engagement, Developmental Evaluation, Explore and Experiment, Scaling Impact, Social Enterprise, Social Finance Investment Readiness

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